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I have been teaching graphic design, book arts, and letterpress printing, at Bradley University since 2000. Having worked professionally as a graphic designer and photographer, I now create and publishes individual and collaborative book and print works. My books and structural book works are represented in the special collections of major libraries in the U.S. I am active in the Peoria Print Club, and the College Book Arts Association. I have an MFA in photography from Indiana University and have done additional study at the American Academy of Bookbinding.

My journey as an artist and a teacher has taken me from photography to printing to graphic design to interactive media and, finally, to book arts. In many ways book art brings together all of these threads into one harmonious form with a physical presence that, in these days of rapid change and obsolescence, is both satisfying and durable. My current work addresses change and transition. My artists’ books incorporate language, sequence and narrative. With few exceptions, the books start with a text. Sometimes it is long, sometimes it is a single sentence, but there is always some resonance between the text and the structure of the book. I work with a variety of printing techniques, often combining letterpress and digital printing with unique monotype prints. Through my association with the Prairie Center, I have been able to explore a variety of techniques and grow as an artist through interaction with the other residents.


Robert Rowe
Professor Emeritus
Bradley University, Department of Art
7216 N. Crabapple Ct
Peoria IL  61625     USA


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