Creative Blast with Woodtype

Wednesday night, September 9, from 6:30-9:00 at the Prairie Center of the Arts.  A short fun workshop will invite participants to use antique wood to create immediate and powerful letter and word compositions.

Just lately, I personally have been experimenting with setting wood type diagonally in the press bed, using triangular wedges and magnets for some inventive lock-ups. Combining that with hand-inking using multiple rollers and cutting and folding the paper after it has been printed has been leading to some intriguing avenues of investigation that I hope my students will pick up on and give me some surprises!

Wood type’s versatility always amazes. It can be old-fashioned in the sense of a wanted poster, or it can be painterly, atmospheric, almost abstract. it can communicate a message with utmost clarity or it can be subtle and nuanced, Meticulously planned or totally spontaneous.

Here are some of my recent experiments.,link,name,images,album&limit=12


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